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Accounting Professional

Tracy L. Tate, CEO of TLJ Professional Services, Inc, is an Accounting professional of over 35 years, provides bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation services to individuals and small businesses since 2003. She specialized in Accounts Payable and held the position of Director of Accounts Payable with Digital Realty Trust, a $3 Billion dollar REIT, before pursuing her entrepreneurship journey full-time in 2019. Tracy is also a Life & Health insurance agent licensed in CA since 2015. TLJ Professional Services, Inc has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is classified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

You may have also seen Tracy on several platforms sharing her story of abuse, financial tips, creating a 6-figure business and many more topics. Some of the platforms include: OAACC Financial Series, Your Wings Matter, Girl on Fire, Success Leaves Clues, The Queen Experience, The Financial Educator, Black CEO Iconic 2021 and Black Woman Confidential 2021.

Personal Mentoring

Tracy has been providing personal mentoring and coaching since 2005. She expanded her mentoring services when she started her nonprofit, Beat the Streets Inc, for youth & young adults ages 11 -29 years. Through her experiences, she can connect with people on a personal level and mutual respect is gained. Bookings for personal coaching sessions are made on my site

Business Coaching

Tracy implemented business coaching in 2014 when she converted her sole prop business into a corporation, as she expanded her service offerings. Sharing her experiences, education and knowledge is the passion she has for people and businesses. Tracy shares a genuine care & concern of success for everyone she works with. Coaching sessions include all the following (Personal or Business):


What our clients say about our service?

Tracy and her team are a pleasure to work with. Diligent, professional and thorough. I’m glad I was referred to them.

Brandon P.

The counseling session was an absolute success for me! By explaining my business concept, they were able to provide strategies and tools that helped me formulate a new path forward. The brainstorming session was so exhilarating and inspiring that it renewed my passion for the business idea and creative juices again. it literally moved me out of my bottle neck and onto the next stage. i truly recommend working with them! if you have a business idea, have a new business, or planning to start a new business they can help. i also recommend getting your taxes done through their services to.

Ann B.

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