Life Insurance & Retirement Services

At TLJ Professional Services, Inc., we care about our clients and their loved one's well being. We offer a variety of products and services to ensure families of our clients are well taken care of.

We provide a variety of services including:


Life Insurance

Life insurance can help:

  • Support your family’s expenses

  • Pay off your mortgage

  • Cover education expenses for your children

  • Replace income for your dependents

  • Pay final expenses

  • Create an inheritance for your heirs

  • Pay federal and state estate taxes

  • Create a source of savings

  • Offer Living Benefits

  • Long Term Care benefits

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is on of the biggest decisions in a person’s life, yet many people are unprepared.

What is your retirement strategy?

  • Savings

  • Social Security

  • 401k (tax deferred)

  • Annuities (tax deferred; life time income)

  • Life Insurance

  • A Diversified Portfolio

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State Licenses:

CA – Life, Accident & Health 0K47275 TX – Life Only 2145623 IL – Life Only 17716648 NV – Life, Accident & Health 3309620 GA – Life, Accident & Health 3181625 KS – Life, Accident & Health 17716648 National Insurance Registry 17716648

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